Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Back (For Some Reason)

Well .... I'm back.
It's been awhile. I'm not really sure if I wanna do this. But I'm going to.
You see, I liked doing my blog(s), and I liked sharing my various thoughts and idea's and opinions. But sometimes things become too much of a hassle to matter.
If you read down a bit, you will see that I got into this thing with this guy who didn't like what I said about his show. Now I don't take back anything, and I don't regret saying what I said because, and I cannot stress this enough, the show sucked.
I mean it blew big time.
And I would have taken it if the guy (Well, guy's actually) had said their bit and gone on with their lives.
But they didn't.
In fact about a year later I got another email, and started a conversation that ended with me being pissed off again. Not at anything he said about me, but about the situation.
So the blog became a hassle and I quit.

So why start again?
Because I am getting my own show together, and I find myself fighting with my idea's on what is magic and what is comedy and ... basically the whole mess that makes a show become a show.
I need someplace to get my thoughts in order, so I figure I'll re-start my blog and get my thoughts in order.

Now let me say this. I am not going to pull a punch here. If I see something that is bad, then I will say it is bad. I don't care if I piss you or anyone else off. And if you want to bring to my attention how I pissed you off, I may (may) call you out. I'm getting too old to care.
But mostly this will e about me and my quest for creativity. The number one person I will call out is myself. I proabably will write myself a nasty email about it, but I don't care.
So there.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the entries that follow will be more entertaining than this.
I hope.

Next Post: Can I watch myself? The answer may suprise you.