Friday, September 09, 2005

I've got a gig and a new hat. (You've got a brand new key!)

Sometimes things happen because you make them happen.
I discovered some time ago that when I spent time actually working at my magic I would get more gigs, but when I ignored magic and became lazy my phone wouldn't ring. I don't know why this happens but it does. Call it fate, skimmed, karma (Thank you carson Daly).
So I'm at the Browsers Den of Magic ( ), not doing much, just looking for a way to blow three hundred and fifty dollars, when the owner and my good friend Jeff asks my if I want to perform at an event he's hosting. "Just a short fifteen minutes is all we need" he says.

Now, I have to tell you, I have dreamed of performing at a Browsers Den event. For years Jeff would hold anniversary events that included short shows by prominent magicians and one of my all time goals was to become good enough to perform there.
One year I came close. Years ago Jeff once asked me "Did I ask you to perform at the anniversary party?"
I said "No" thinking this was leading up to something.
"Good," He said "I wasn't sure if I did." Then he walked away with a dejected Gord left to pick up his pride.
This time, though, it was a for sure. I've even got the email to prove it.

"If you could do say 15 minutes that would be great. Remember, these are 95% people who are brand new to the magic world. For most it will be there first time in the shop.
Remember, parking is free in the plaza on Sundays."

Did you get that? Parking is free on Sundays. Magic words indeed.

Of course, in the sake of being honest I did perform there once before, but it wasn't for a Browsers Den function. Many years ago I was involved in a magic summer camp called the Sorcerers Safari. It is a week long sleepaway camp that teaches magic to kids of all experience ranges. One year they asked Jeff if they could hold an open house at his store and he agreed. They asked me to perform, and I did, but it wasn't a Browsers Den function even though it was held at the Browsers Den.

So, later this month I am going to live the dream and perform a fifteen minute set at the Browsers Den of Magic, meanwhile, if dreams are really coming true, you will soon hear about my night of passion with Phoebe Cates.



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Okay, but what about the hat?

Well congratualtions, anyway.

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