Sunday, January 22, 2006

So Hows The Show Going?

So, How’s The Show Going?

Thanks for asking.  It’s going pretty good.

Oh, you want more?

Well, the first draft script is in place waiting for Todd (Co-writer and Producer) and Tracy (Director and Producer) to have a gander.  On New Years Eve I gave them half the script and they seemed to enjoy what they read, as well they’ve viewed the video of the August 27th show and said they enjoyed that as well.
So on that way, things are going great.  It’s nice to know the people who are putting up the (Hypothetical) money think you are doing a good job.

I, on the other hand, have one small problem with the script.  I think I am using volunteers too much.  Think of it, right now I have three volunteers per act.  While the second act doesn’t bother me I’m thinking I should probably only use two in the first act which means something has to go or be changed.
I am voting for the first real trick.  It’s something I have used to open my short stage act for some time, and it works well, but for a longer show I’m worried it may show me interacting with a volunteer in the wrong way, which would impact the rest of the show negatively.
Or maybe it’s just me.  Fortunately that is why Todd is co-writing.  He’ll be able to figure it out.

Now that I have a script I need to start working on rehearsal, which has never been easy for me.  I am lazy by nature (Isn’t that an R&B group?), as well I feel really silly standing alone talking to an invisible audience.

I am meeting with Todd & Tracy in early February, I have a good feeling about this.

Oh yeah, did I mention I though of a new trick to add during the first half hour of that new King Kong movie.  That was twelve bucks well spent.


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