Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Just Want To Clear The Air A Bit Here!

     It has been pointed out to me that I did, at one time, say “DAVID BLAINE SUCKS!”  It has also been pointed out that I said that David Blaine “… is a hack, disgraces "real" magicians, etc.”
     Now, first of all yes I said the former, but I did not say he was a hack etc.
     Don’t believe me?  Re-check the post.  There it is in big white letters.  Three words, “DAVID BLAINE SUCKS!”
     I am capable of saying what I want to say without people (Tom!) putting words in my mouth.  It turns out I was going to to a bit of an opinion piece on Blaine later this week but now I’m holding back because I don’t want to be mis-quoted again!  (TOM!)

     And, I cannot stress this enough, the part aboout him sucking WAS A JOKE!  I even said right before that it was a JOKE!
     But it brings up a problem that is vexing me.  Can I, in good conscience, say bad things about other magicians?  Especially successful, world class magicians who I think are vastly overrated.
     I have an example.  There is an illusion duo who are working professionals, have toured the world, are highly respected in their field and who suck big time,  They are terrible.  I mean when I see them perform all I can think is “You left a career ar Kinko’s for this?”
     It’s not just that they are terrible performers.  It’s not just that they look like they need to rehearse a lot … A LOT.  It’s that whenever one of them writes something for the magic journals it’s always some sort of deep phylisophical piece about art and magic and the art of magic.  They lay on the deepness of their souls for this art form, but then I see them perform and it’s bloody obvious that they haven’t read their own articles.
     Here is an example.  One of them wrote an article on using humor in an act.  He had a big example and described how he came up with this wonderful joke.  And yes, I’ll admit it was funny on paper, but then I saw the act live.  There are now two good reasons that this man should never talk about humor again.  1:  His big joke, was his only joke.  And 2:  HE SCREWED IT UP!
     Seriously, these people are well reguarded in magic circles.  I don’t get it.
     So, what is a boy to do?  Do I out them?  Do I say “Yes well the Hocuspocus’s are terrible!”  And if I don’t does that mean I can’t bash Blaine either?  Or is Blaine a more open target because of his fame?
     Then there is the important question “Do I have a right to criticize since I am not a professional myself?  Do I have to walk a few miles in their shoes before I am allowed to express a negative opinion like this?”
     I am dealing with eternal questions here!

     And if you are wondering who I am talking about go to That damn Tom will probably blab it.
     This post is brought to you by Chris Angel, who really sucks! ……. Crap!


Blogger tga said...

My apologies, Gord.
I exagerated in my effort to point out a small bit of fun irony.
I think I was also tripping on Nyquil, so Bea Arthur and her Shoppers Drug Mart endorsements must bear some of the blame here.
Anyway, sorry, dude.
Want a hug?

That Damn Tom

8:44 PM  
Blogger Billp said...

Geez, Tom, you must have really pissed him off. He posted this one TWICE...

Gord, it's a blog. Say Blaine sucks, say Copperfield sucks, say you could kick Vitaly Klitchko's ass. If someone complains, it just means they're reading your blog.

David Blaine sucks.

11:23 PM  

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