Sunday, September 25, 2005

So, How Did The Show Go?

Well, it's over. The big show at the Browsers Den is over and the results are in.

For those who are just joining us, perhaps a bit of explaining is in order.
A few weeks ago I was invited to perform at the Browsers Den of Magic during it's annual "Bernie Day." Bernie is a magician and magic demonstrator who runs magic booths at fairs and other events. He had a booth at the annual Canadian National Exhibition and, through some sort of mailing list, sent out invitations to come to the Browsers Den today, September 25 starting at 11:00am.
The magic show was set to start at 1:00 pm. I was one of five performers, each one unique and different from each other. That was my first surprise. Usually when you get five magicians together at least three will do the same type of magic if not the exact same tricks.
Here are the performers:

1: Jahal & Heather. I didn't see their performance but they were dressed as Gypsy's and the audience reacted strongly to them.

2: Brian Hircock. Again, I didn't see him perform but he did a kind of manipulation style of magic. He was also well received.

3: Me. I did my card stab and a brief bit where I pulled a long streamer from a borrowed bill. I was also received well. (Hell, why be modest? I killed.)

4: Marc Linett. He was the mentalist of the afternoon. I have noticed that, as far as mentalism is concerned, you either are good or you aren't. There is no in between. Marc was good, very good. He was also very considerate of his volunteers feelings, which is something we all can work on.

5: Gordon Precious. He is the grand old man of the Toronto magic scene. He mentioned during his act that he has been performing for seventy five years, and it shows. First of all he was the definition of class, he was entertaining and he brought effects we all had written off as lame and brought them to life. That , my friends, is what a lifetime of experience can bring you.

The audience was a good mixture of adults and children, boys and girls. They came for a show and were very appreciative. There was a young boy in a blue shirt who was a bit too hyper for his own good, but other than that everyone was playing good.

Ok, yes, this is all well and good but this isn't a blog about mentalists and hyper children. This is a blog about Gord, so answer the question, how did Gord do?
The only answer I can really give that isn't biased is to say I did very well. Many people came to me after the show and told me how good they thought I was. Jeff, the owner of The Browsers Den told me I was a great performer. Marc asked me where I perform. I said I didn't because of work and he said "You should perform, you were very good."
So yes, apparently I did good. I certainly felt good about my show, much better than the show I did on Aug. 27th.
the truth is, It made me feel that I was doing the right thing in trying to do this show, and that I would be able to hold up a full show. And that's good.

Um, yeah, not a lot of jokes in this one was there. Ok, how's this?


Next Post: David Blaine says I suck. I say "Oh yeah." He says "Yeah." No one said we had to be mature about this.


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